Accommodation services

Accommodation services

Receptions Services

Client visitors and/or referring them to reception.Issue of entry passes and providing visitors with aclearand comfortable and
understanding of the rules governing access to hostor the building.All staff will be appropriately presented at all times with
standard uniform.

Car Parking Management

Login an dout all vehicles to prevent unauthorized access with vehicles appropriately registered and parking spaces allocated
as required by Service Consumer's.

Conference & Meeting Room Services

Ensure rooms are neat and tidy with furniture set out in accordance with building occupier requirements.
Whiteboards,flipcharts,etc.are cleared of writing Provide and maintainan easytoread'how to'user guide
within all conference and meeting rooms and provide help and assistance to room users Where on-line services
are not provided support with the manual booking of rooms

Moves and Changes

General space management andp lanning including:
• Recording occupied and available space
• Recording and updating space occupied by business units following churn and moves
• Reporting on space usage and efficiency

Provide upto date telephone lists to the switchboard following a move event
Minor moves of up to 15 people including there location of building occupier'spersona leffects,workplace
furniture Deemed necessary with in a single building minor moves exclude the management andco-ordination
ofany physical adaptation works.
Theserviceswill include:

• Capture requirements
• Moves planning
• Moves management and administration
• Health and Safety and Quality Assurance
• Performance Reporting
• Reporting on the volume and cost of moves
• Accommodation records

Each move must bedelivered t oprogramme rinan accurate and efficient manner and must minimized isruptions to
the user whil sttaking due consideration for the Heal thand Safety of the user.Update the building Heal thand Safety file,all relevant
risk assessments,site inductioni nformation and any other Health and Safety arrangements following moves.