Cleaning and waste management

Cleaning and waste management

Shinex Facility Management Service has earned recognition as an award winning janitorial service provider, specializing in managing large
multi-million square foot facilities with complex and highly technical services requirements. Shinex Facility Management Service is well known for our
committed senior management team and line staff that deliver value-added benefits to our clients; participating as a fully engaged client partner.
Shinex Facility Management Service currently manages more than (26 million square feet) of commercial/institutional space for its clients,
servicing key accounts, primarily in the Eastern, Western and Southeastern regions of the Sri Lanka. Known for utilizing the latest innovations
and constantly searching for cutting-edge technology, Shinex Facility Management Service has achieved significant clean productivity and
efficiencies through ongoing comprehensive employee training/personnel development, and careful equipment selection with hi-productivity yields,
resulting in cost benefits to the client. Services include:

� Carpet Care
� Computer Room Cleaning
� Document Disposal
� Escalator Cleaning
� Food Service Sanitation
� Hard Surface Floor Care
� Matting Programs
� Pressure Washing
� Restroom Sanitation
� Supplemental Staffing Support
� Window Cleaning
� Clean Room Services
� Data Center Cleaning
� Floor Coatings
� General Maintenance
� Inventory Supply Control
� Medical Waste Disposal
� Recycling Services
� Special Event Services
� Upholstery Cleaning

Toilets and Bathrooms

Ensure toilet and bathroom items and areas are clean, smear, lime and stain free and fresh smelling.Items include but are not limited to the
environment aroma including air fresheners, wash basins, sinks and showers (inclusive of taps, plugs pipework and associated items, glazed
panels, partitions, shelves etc),waste receptacles, urinals inclusive of exposed pipes and chrome fittings, toilets inclusive of seats pans,
exposed pipework, chrome fittings, toilets brushes including holders, hygiene vending machines and dispensers including towel
rollers/dispensers, toilet tissue, hand towels, soap dispensers, feminine hygiene,etc., mirrors including pictures and other wall mounted
items, surfaces including table tops, wall mounted cupboards, showers inclusive of all related fixtures and fitting and additional
floor coverings, ceilings, interior light fittings, and lamps, ventilation grills and diffusers, extractor outlets.Waste receptacles/bins
emptied and cleaned, fresh smelling and hygienic with appropriate plastic bag liner and removed to allocated areas.
All consumables replaced.

Internal Area Surfaces

Clean floors and walls, which include but are not limited to carpeted, floors - hard floors, skirting boards, walls, finishes, glazed panels, partitions and

Kitchenette Facilities

Ensure these items are clean, spot, mark, cobweb and dust free, and hygienic. Hard floors to be polished.Glazed panels, partitions and walls (inc luding
tiles and grouting) to be clean, smear, lime and stain free. Cleaning of specialist wall finishes to be agreed locally to ensure no damage occurs.Conduct
deep carpet cleaning if required

Fixtures and Fittings

Ensure kitchenette facilities are clean, spot, mark, cobweb and dust free, and hygienic.
This includes but not limited to all drip trays and vending equipment, fridges, microwaves, ovens and other food/beverage preparation systems
and surfaces. Waste receptacles/bins are emptied and cleaned, fresh smelling and hygienic with appropriate plastic bag liner, remove to
allocated areas. All consumables replaced.

Waste Disposal

Operate and promote robust recycling programs to cover all waste materials.
Includes but not limited to general, difficult and hazardous, confidential, recycling. Removal of general, difficult and hazardous waste to its
agreed disposal point and onward disposal through appropriate industry process, Waste receptacles/bins emptied and cleaned, fresh smelling and
hygienic with appropriate plastic bag liner, remove to allocated areas. All waste categorized as confidential will meet the strict guidelines and processes
as determined by in accordance with Best Industry Practice

Window Cleaning

Undertake a cleaning plan to maintain internal and external cleanliness, transparency and appearance

External Areas

Ensure external areas are clear of all rubbish/debris and other fouling including. Surfaces must be routinely cleaned and disinfected to
reduce odours. Areas also free of graffiti and cigarettes, bill posting and minor vandalism and claddings clean and presentable. Includes but not
limited to walk-ways, entrance points, seating areas or smoking areas (these must include any external recreational seating areas) and for
Branch properties, the public points of entry and any public pathways directly adjoining the properties

Pest Control

Develop and implement a methodology to deliver and manage a proactive pest control regime that prevents infestation, and where an
infestation occurs to respond proactively to rectify the infestation

Sterilization and Legionnaires Disease

Cleaning, sterilization and maintenance of water treatment systems for water tanks, cooling towers, hot water systems and pipework in order to
prevent bacterial contamination