There are many areas where services can be optimized and integrated with considerable efficiency gains. For example,a cleaner
might supplement a companys daily cleaning routine by watering plants, filling up copying or vending machines or assisting reception
at peak hours, when their schedule allows.

The secret is in planning the work and the seamless integration of the on- and off-site service staff.

Breaking down the boundaries

There are countless opportunities to break down traditional boundaries without compromising consistency or quality. It is not a question
of working harder just working smarter. The Shinex Account Executive has a licence to act. This makes the integrated approach both flexible
and effective. It frees up resources that otherwise would have been spent managing the many service functions internally both directly
and indirectly.

By reducing the number of subcontractors, an IFS solution from ISS can help in reducing a companys fixed costs while maintaining or
improving the level of quality.