Financial management

Financial management


Ensure Support Services Consumer�s internal finance function to maintain accurate budgets for facilities expenditure
including fixed and variable spend, broken down by Business Unit, service type, Location type and location, provide
budgeting activity to include the following:

� Support services consumer�s in annual budgeting cycle in so far as it related to services.
� forecast all fixed and variable facilities related expenditure for each location based on robust and clearly
evidenced as sumptions.
� ensure the budget is accurately uploaded on to af inancial management data base within there quired time scales.
� Record and monitor actual spend against budget/GMP expenditurethrough out the financial year,ensuring actual
spend is maintained within budget/GMP.
� prepare any accruals, pre payments and provisions reports by property and by servicei n atimely and accurate manner.

Charging and Invoicing

Provide a fully auditable service for the accurate and timely receipt, validation and payment of invoices received
from third parties in provision for any of the services specified,so that costs and payment scan be fully reconciled.