Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage


Food and Beverage Service Consumer the following:
• A food and beverage service that is fit for purpose and where such a service is enjoyed by the Service Consumer customer the experience enhances
the brand and values of Relevant Company and the Service Recipients
• Self-service staff restaurant/cafeteria-style service, licensed in accordance with industry requirements to provide planned menus
• A food bar "deli-bar‟ style service and ensure that fresh high quality hot and cold meals are provided during Normal Operating Hours
• Retail shops where currently required
• Provision of payment systems for catering services

Vending mechines

Provide a fully managed vending machine service at designated locations, including management of al vending machines, and full responsibility
for Restocking, cash collection, maintenance, repair and replacement provide a range of food and beverages choices through vending outlets which
reflects the demands and preferences of customers. Ensure that stocks in vending outlets are maintained at appropriate levels to meet likely
demand at all times

Coffee Points

Hot beverages are served to order

Bottled Water

Supply water coolers and water


Provide the highest of kitchen, equipment and service area hygiene standards. Clean all catering areas and equipment covering:
• All equipment (heavy and light), walls, floors, fixtures and fittings are maintained to the highest levels of cleanliness at all times using proper and recognized sanitation,
cleaning chemicals, disinfection methods to ensure all surfaces are consistently cleaned and sanitized and contamination does not occur
• Effective management controls are to be adopted to ensure that all hazards and dangers are minimized
• All equipment used for production must be stored in the correct manner to ensure that contamination does not occur
• Areas or equipment which is not easily accessible is cleaned as required by a nominated cleaning specialist demised areas are managed and to
ensure the appropriate level of housekeeping


Adequate stocks and stores are maintained at each Location or will otherwise be available when required in order to meet the Service Line Standards.