Ground maintenance and planting services

Ground maintenance and planting services


The maintenance of allplants, trees, bushes, hedgesand grasstobe managed (cutand edged).Thisincludesthe managementofallflower beds.
The removal(in an environmentallysoundmanner)of allweedsacrossany paths, car parksor flower beds

Hard Landscaping

The GroundsMaintenance and Planting Servicesinclude the maintenance, repair and renewal of hard surfacing, car parking areas, walls,
fences, hedges, grassed areas and beds, trees, shrubs and other planting, unadopted roads and paths,external drainage, painted
linesand road marking skerbs, decking, gullies, ramps and drains, external Furniture, fountains, water features, benches, artwork,
bus shelters, smoking sheltersand any other external areas those are not included within the scope of Building Fabric Services


The maintenance, cleaning, and repair of allplanters, windowboxesor pots, and the maintenance (which includesthe feeding watering and grooming)of all
internal plants

Flowers/Replacement Plants

The provision of fresh flowers/plants as required ofthe appropriate standards and the replacement and cleaning of all planters and
potsor vases used for flower displays