Health and safety

Health and safety

It is a fund a mental requirement at Company provides a safety environment for is staff and customers.
The Service Provider will, and will procure.

ThattheServiceProviderAffiliates providerservices specifiedunderthefollowingheadings.

� Safety management systems and responsibilities matrices
� Health and safety policy and procedures
� Competencies
� Health and safety plans
� Safe systems of work
� Essential inspection maintenance
� Safe buildings
� Work equipment
� First aid
� Incident and investigation
� Information,instruction and training
� Management information
� Technical advice,assurance and audit
� Continuous improvement

Delivery of this Service Line must be in accordance with Applicable,the requirements of Company Policy�Operations
and Heal thand Safety�FMService Provider Responsibilities � Safety Police and Procedure

� Health and Safety Plans
� Safe System of work
� Essential Inspection Maintenance
� Work Equipment
� Continuous Improvement