Management and Operations

Management and Operations

Monitoring the proper functioning of plant equipment, building services, infrastructure, environment and safety condition
(e.g. lighting, heating, water, sanitary services)Overseeing all building modification and refurbishment projects.
Planning, organizing and implementing preventive, corrective, proactive maintenance and cost reduction and
energy saving programs.Monitoring all complaints regarding building facilities and making the necessary
arrangements to resolve them.Organizing and overseeing the cleaning of all areas.

� Management of Policy
� Annual Service Strategy and Planning
� Resource Planning
� Supply Chain Management

Management Police

� Best Industry Practice has been used as apart of development of Service Consumer policies
� Necessary changes are recommended to safe guard Company brand and reputation
� Relevant Shinex Facility Management policy does not materiallyconflict with legislation

Strategy and Planning

Develop annual service strategies and plans which are consistent with company?s facilities management
and wider asset management and objectives and Policies to drive incremental improvements Produce
anannual service strategy and plan which sets out:
� Prioritized initiatives for continuous improvement to deliver required levels of service performance and
further optimize cost.

Resource Planning

Ensure Plan and implement management and delivery structures with sufficient capacity and capability to deliver
the scope andv olume of Services across all Companies.
Develop and maintain resource plans based on a continuous assessment of future requirements(considering
operational competencies and resource volumes)including:

� Delivery there source responsible for delivering the service e.g.cleaner,engineer etc.
� Supervision there source responsible for supervising on-site delivery to ensure performance
in accordance with standards.

Resource plans are to include a detailed breakdown of roles and responsibilities, details of individuals
skills,knowledge requirements and operational competencies and demonstrate how the capacity and capability
requirements have been assessed and met. Through a programmer of self-assess ment continuously monitor and
measure both the management and delivery capacity and capability to identify resource related risks and areas
for improvement.

Supply Chain Management and Interface

Undertake the procurement, day-to-day management, administration and control ofthe supply chain to effectively
manage service delivery, operational risk and business impact.Work with the supply chain to build joint
capabilities, embed consistent standard processes, comply with Policies, effectively manage operational
risk and reduce costs of delivery.

� Technical skills/competence
� numbers of staff responsible for delivering the services
� proposed managementand operation structure
� Experience
� Policies
� financial standing
� Health and safety record
� References

Where required in accordance with the terms of this Agreementand otherwise on request, report on Sub-Contractor
performance including details of audits undertaken, details of on-going checksand approvals as part of the
quality assurance system, and performance measures details of failures and actions taken.
Sub-Contractorsare competentand capable

� operations are compliant with both Policies and Law
� Sub-Contractors are providing all the necessary management information to enable effective Service Delivery
� on-going supply chain performance management in a manner that is transparent and evidenced
� cost effectiveness of the Service Delivery is both appropriate and has been demonstrably benchmarked
� all order processes necessary to ensure Service Line delivery are in placeand are operating at optimum efficiency

Apply an appropriate process of penalties and termination to any Sub-Contractor or resource, using an
auditable, governable process. If ac hange of Sub-Contractor or any Key Personnel or Supplier
Assigned Personnel isrequired, dosousing an appropriate, auditable andgovernable process.