Service excellence

Service excellence

Service Culture, which is built on elements of nine Shinex Leadership Principles and the ISS vision and values.The service culture of an
organisation is a key component in the delivery model, although it is not easy to document. No other component is as fundamental to the
long-term success of a service organisation as its culture.

Employee Engagement includes employee attitudes, leadership and HR processes. At Shinex we annually carry out Employee Engagement
surveys, and all employees are entitled to an annual appraisal and at least one performance review. In addition we place great emphasis
on engagement in our recruitment processes, training programmes, internal communications, and management training and assessment.

Service Quality is fundamental to the design of the overall service delivery system (see below).

Customer Experience includes Account Management processes and relationship management, including end-user focus. At
Shinex we carry out an annual Customer Experience Survey in which all customers areinvited to participate; the survey
is non-anonymous, and the Account Manager receives the input from the customer within 24 hours. The ISS Customer Experience
Survey is used as an annual relationship assessment and a dialogue tool for the continued development of the relationship.

The Account Manager makes all day-to-day decisions in terms of management of staff as well as keeping tight operational and financial
control. In other words the Account Manager has a licence to act and takes responsibility accordingly, giving you the peace of mind
needed to concentrate on yourcore business and value creation.

The Account Manager gets support from centrally placed Excellence Centres, which provide operational support, training, quality control and continuous
improvement initiatives. The combination of a dedicated Account Manager with support from the Excellence Centres is important for driving efficiency
and effectiveness while at the same time ensuring that decisions are made as close to the customer as possible. Adding to this we optimise efficiency by
utilising our specialised back office functions such as HR, HSE, Payroll, Procurement and Logistics to minimise the cost of the individual contract.